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Working with Buttons

Last Updated: Jul 08, 2015 11:56PM UTC
Buttons are the most commonly used objects on pages, and a standard button is the most commonly used type of button.  If you are making an activity or board from scratch, you start by drawing a button.  If you are using a template to make an activity, buttons will already be in place; you will just fill them with your content (labels and symbols).

To draw a button: 
  • From the Homepage, select Create Activities, and the online editor will open. 
  • Select New Blank Activity.
  • Select the Button Tool in the Toolbar. 

  • Select the area of the page where you want the button.  You have created a standard button on your page.
  • Resize the button by selecting it, then moving your cursor to any corner of the button until you see the double arrow.  Click and drag the corner until it is the size and shape you want.   

HINT:  To draw a perfectly square button, hold down the shift key while you click and drag the corner.
  • Move the button where you want it by selecting it and dragging to any position on the page.
  • To multiply the button, select the Spray Tool from the Tool Bar, click and drag across and down.


NOTE:  Spraying works the same whether the button is blank or populated with a symbol and/or label.  The button will multiply as it is.  A blank button sprays more blank buttons, a populated button sprays identical copies the populated button.
To delete a button:
  • Select a button on the page and then select Delete on your keyboard.

To select several buttons at once to move, delete, or change the look all at once:
  • Click on the Selection Tool from the toolbar, and then click and drag a box to include all the buttons you want to move, delete or change.  

  • With all of the buttons now selected,

- Move them by selecting within any of them and dragging the group of them. 

- Resize them by hovering your cursor in the corner of any button until you see the double arrow and then drag to the desired size.

- Delete them by touching Delete on your keyboard.

- Make changes to the overall appearance by using the properties panel on the right.
                Change the position of the label
                Change the fill color
                Thicken the border
                Change the label font type or size

Add a Label and a Symbol to a Button with Edit-in-Place
  • Select the button and use your keyboard to type the label in the button.
  • Select Enter on your keyboard.
  • Symbols menu will open.  Highlight the symbol you want.
  • Click on the Select button.

TIP:  To learn how to put multiple symbols in a button, please see the tutorial called Working with Symbols.

Symbolate Buttons:
A Symbolate Button will automatically add a symbol to any text that you type.
  • Select the Symbolate Tool from the Toolbar.
  • Draw the Symbolate Button on the page with your cursor.
  • With the button selected, type the text you want.

NOTE:  you may also change a standard button to a Symbolate button by using the Button Type menu on the Properties Panel.


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